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Beginners Welcome

No experience? No problem.

We love helping people learn to play Dungeons & Dragons — whether it’s the whole party or one “newbie” in a group of seasoned adventurers.    Our learn-as-you-play approach ensures everyone has fun and feels included.

Adventure Awaits...

Birthday Parties, Special Events, Campaigns & more!

We have a wide variety of adventures to suit your needs. From one-off events such as birthday parties, to ongoing campaigns, week-long camps, and more. We’ll take you on an adventure!

Adventure Gear Included

We bring everything you need.

We’ll bring all the necessary tools for an epic and fun-filled adventure. Premium miniatures, 3D maps & terrain, character sheets and more. And every player gets a free set of dice during their first adventure with us!

Dungeons & Dragons
2024 Summer Camp
Enrolling Now!

Game Masters for Hire is thrilled to partner with the Community Center of La Cañada to offer a whole summer of action, imagination, and creative immersion with our 2024 Dungeons & Dragons Summer Camp.

Developed by television writer, Oliver Grigsby (Heroes, Star Trek: Picard), students will embark on an epic D&D campaign where their choices will shape the story, and engage in daily enrichment activities to develop skills in creative storytelling, improvisation, social development, and group problem-solving.

Additional Details:

      • Hosted at the Community Center of La Cañada Flintridge
      • 1:8 teacher to student ratio
      • June 17 – August 9
      • Sign up for 1 week, or up to 8!

"Oliver does a great job both teaching D&D to newcomers and taking you on epic adventure! So much fun for all ages. I'd highly recommend him."

Alexandra G.

La Crescenta, CA | Yelp Review

"Oliver is a fantastic DM and has supported Foothill Childrens' D&D Club in so many ways as mentor and leader."

David H.

South Pasadena, CA | Yelp Review

"Infinitely patient with friends who had never played D&D before. [...] He even managed to inspire rookies to continue on their own D&D journey."

Aubrey L.

Burbank, CA | Yelp Review


Parties & Events

A one-off adventure custom-tailored to fit your event. Perfect for Birthday Parties (with an adventure featuring the guest of honor), Bachelor(ette) Parties, charity games, or other special event!


Learn to play Dungeons & Dragons with our expert Game Masters. We’ll take you on a classic adventure while using our learn-as-you-play approach to explain game concepts in context and most importantly — have fun!

Learn to DM

Ready to take on the sacred mantle of Dungeon Master? Our one-on-one sessions will walk you through the basics of becoming a Dungeon Master and get you on your way to running your own games of Dungeons & Dragons.

Virtual Game

Have players in different locations? No problem. We’ll take you on an online Dungeons & Dragons adventure using digital tools for maps, minis, handouts and more!

Ongoing Campaign

We’ll pair you with one of our Game Masters for weekly or monthly sessions in an epic campaign. We’ll weave your characters into the narrative, as they level up and progress through the story. Discounts available for multiple sessions! 


Week-long Dungeons & Dragons camps take place during Winter & Spring Breaks, while our D&D Summer Camp can be custom tailored to your needs. Daily sessions will teach kids creative storytelling, improvisation & group problem-solving.

Corporate Events

Dungeons & Dragons is a fun and engaging team-building exercise. We’ll use aspects of cooperative storytelling, creative outside-the-box thinking and group problem-solving all while providing your employees a fun break from the rigors of the work-day.

D&D Retreat

Want an epic Dungeons & Dragons weekend getaway? We’ll work with you to craft the perfect multi-day adventure for your group.  

Looking for a Group

Want to play Dungeons & Dragons but don’t have a full group? No problem! Fill out our form and we’ll team you up with other players looking to learn and play!

About Us

Known as the “LA Dungeon Master” Oliver Grigsby has been providing professional Dungeon Master services since 2019, taking both new and experienced players on epic adventures for events such birthday and bachelor parties, as well weekly and monthly campaigns where players grow and level their characters as they unravel the twists and turns of an ongoing story.

Having spent over 20 years in the Entertainment industry writing for shows such as Heroes, 12 Monkeys and Star Trek: Picard, Oliver has taken his expertise in storytelling and combined it with his love of Dungeons & Dragons to take clients on expertly crafted fantasy adventures.

In 2023, Oliver formed Bardic Entertainment, LLC and started Game Masters for Hire, bringing on his first employee to help keep up with increasing demand and provide Dungeon Master services throughout Los Angeles.

Using his knowledge and experience in crafting epic fantasy stories, Oliver trains his Game Masters in the arts of storytelling, entertainment, and Dungeon Mastering. In addition, our “learn-as-you-play” approach makes sure new players can enjoy the game right away! All of our Game Masters are ready to lead you and your party on an epic journey in which your characters are the heroes of the story!

Our goal is to make Dungeons & Dragons fun, accessible and easy to play. We’ll take care of every detail from dice and character sheets, to immersive elements like 3D maps and miniatures (see our gallery below for examples), so that you can focus on having fun with your friends while enjoying “the world’s greatest roleplaying game.”

We'll Take You on an Adventure!

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Epic Adventures

New Adventurers Introduced to D&D

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"Oliver does a great job both teaching D&D to newcomers and taking you on epic adventure! So much fun for all ages. I'd highly recommend him."

Alexandra G.

La Crescenta, CA | Yelp Review

"Oliver is a fantastic DM and has supported Foothill Childrens' D&D Club in so many ways as mentor and leader."

David H.

South Pasadena, CA | Yelp Review

"Infinitely patient with friends who had never played D&D before. [...] He even managed to inspire rookies to continue on their own D&D journey."

Aubrey L.

Burbank, CA | Yelp Review

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a mixture of new and experienced players, is that okay?

Of course! We’ll bring an “easy-to-play” character for any “newbies” to get their feet wet with, and teach them the basics as we play. Learning in the context of a game is always easier too.

One additional tip is to seat them close to the DM so we can quickly point out information on their sheets, or which one a d8 is… no, not that one, the one that looks like a diamond, that’s it, roll for damage!

Can we make our own character sheets?

You bet! All we ask is that it’s done ahead of time so that we can maximize our time playing the adventure. And if you send the sheets to us in PDF form at least 2 days ahead of game time, we’ll print them out for you along with any relevant spell cards.

“Crunch” Details: Any race/class is typically fine, and we recommend using the “point-buy” or “standard array” system to keep everyone on a relatively level playing field. Characters level 5 or above can also select 1 uncommon magic item (though most of our adventures are levels 1-3). But these are just our suggestions, we’re always happy to chat and craft your ideal adventure if you have something in mind!

Do you really bring everything?

Really. Everything but the table and chairs, and honestly we can arrange that too if needed. But we’ll bring all the tools needed for a fun-filled adventure: character sheets, maps, minis, music, pencils & more.

What if we need a venue?

While we don’t have our own venue (yet), we’re happy to help you find the perfect place to host your event. Many of the great game stores around Los Angeles have private game rooms that can be rented for a small fee, while community centers and event spaces can be rented for larger events. 

What is the age range?

We tailor our games to fit the age-range of our players, please don’t hesitate to reach out so that we can craft the right game for you.

A “typical” game of D&D might be similar to watching Lord of the Rings; epic action without getting too graphic — somewhere in the PG to PG-13 range.

The game involves make-believe combat: usually against “monsters” such as goblins, zombies, and of course… dragons. Players get to describe their actions and that might involve “stabbing” the monster or blasting it with a fire bolt, etc.

However, we’ve run games for children as young as 7, and can tailor the game accordingly — for example, one of our Birthday adventures features a birthday cake that comes to life and causes chaos along with escaping candles that must be tracked down and blown out.

One of the great things about D&D is that we (the players and game master) can make the story whatever we want. Our expert game masters are trained to make the game inclusive, and can adjust on the fly if necessary. We make sure everyone’s having fun!

Can people eat and drink during the game?

Absolutely! Table snacks are a time-honored tradition for any D&D campaign. We’ll also typically take a short break at some point during the game — if you want to turn that into a break for a meal (or cake!), just let us know.

What about adult beverages?

Assuming the players are of age, of course. Your house, your rules. All we ask is that players keep their limitations in mind lest they become a distraction that prevents others from enjoying the game.

I had something in mind that I don't see in your Services, am I out of luck?

Not at all. The possibilities for D&D and RPGs in general are nearly endless (that’s part of what makes it so much fun!), we’d love to tailor something to fit your needs. Give us a call or send us an email with what you have in mind and we’ll see what we can do!